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Each handcrafted piece of Strength and Purity Jewelry’s collection is Reiki infused and has healing energies.

Semi-precious gemstone bracelets, wrap bracelets, tree of life necklaces,  Mala necklaces, rings and earrings. 

Essential  oil blends, sprays, healing Body Scrubs,  and Selenite Healing Wands are also part of my business. 


Palo Santo Bracelets 

Palo santo, also called holy wood, is said to calm and cleanse the mind, aid in healing. Wear on your left wrist to attract blessings and guidance, connect with mother earth, and to spark creativity. Wear on your right wrist to let go of the unwanted baggage, negativity, and stress.

  • Cleansing Palo Santo energy bracelet

  • Stretchy beaded bracelet

  • Palo Santo beads 

  • Beads are about 7-8 mm

  • Bracelet stretches to fit women's small to medium wrist sizes can make larger sizes upon request 


Strength and Purity was started in August 2017, A thought, a dream, and a vision to make uniquely designed necklaces and bracelets using Amazonite and other precious stone beads.  I truly believe in my work and the meaning behind each piece that I design.

My daughter helped come up with our name, Strength of the elephant and purity of the lotus flower which grows in the adversity of the mud.

     May we all live like the lotus flower at ease in the muddy water, the flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful of all. Namaste 


Wendy Herrold 

"There is Sunshine in my Soul Today”



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